Testomony of Leire Elosegui Basque triathlete

20150603_151040Leire Elosegui Basque triathlete
“I met INDIBA® activ through the physiotherapist María Achalandabaso, when she started to apply it to me several years ago. At that time I was preparing for IRONMAN. Since then and in all the long distance races I run (Marathon des Sables, Transalpine Run) it has always been present in my physiotherapy and recovery sessions.
I generally attend the sessions once a week and in critical times or when injured twice. Usually Maria treats me with INDIBA® activ for about 50 minutes. There are protocolos meant for discharging and the feeling is nearly immediate. Legs recover a very good speed.
On the other hand, it is also very useful when there is a punctual overload that can turn into an injury. To prevent before falling in an injury is another of INDIBA® activ offers you because it recovers you before “falling”.
The sessions with INDIBA® activ are completely painless. There are no annoying currents, nor anything alike. You can experience cold and heat but nothing annoying. You have to contact with a plate and then the electrodes are the ones to work. Moreover a cream is applied, very pleasant to avoid any friction feeling.”