Use of cookies

What is a cookie?

It is a storage device information that is downloaded to your computer when you access a web page or electronic device of the user in order to store and retrieve information for, mainly, streamline navigation user.

Why INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to retrieve information and thus offer the user a faster navigation avoiding request data that this supplied previously. INDIBA S.A also uses cookies to analyze the behavior of users to navigate the web, resulting a very effective tool to assess the functioning of the website and introduce improvements.

How do INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to obtain information considered useful. The type of cookies that use and the information you get with each is detailed below in the following

Type of  cookies Purpose of this type of cookies
Analytical cookies These cookies are used to analyze the behavior of aggregate and anonymous users including the number of visitors to the website and different chips product, the origin of the visit, day and time, platform, number of clicks on a tab, search words used by a user to find desired content. INDIBA S.A thus served a useful medium to bring about improvements in the web site and know what content or design is more relevant to the user.
Functional cookies These are cookies that help the user to have a better navigation experience for the site. An example of using this type of cookies are used to store the data of the latest search for a product to auto fill search engine, country, city of preference and last products viewed by the user.
Advertising cookies We use these cookies to display ads on other pages to provide ads most suitable to the interests of users. In this case we have both own cookies and cookies stored by third parties.
Technical cookies Techniques cookies are necessary to display the website properly and ensure the proper functioning of the site. These cookies are associated with the user and the login session.

How can I get more information about cookies, manage them and/or delete them?

You can get more information about cookies and check the steps to disable its installation in the sections of ‘Aid’ of web pages each browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Moreover, if you want to not be tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, go to this link: